Icon Can’t View And Select Product Variations
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06:53 on 02/12/2021


I have tried your theme, but there are missing for product variations when in product page.

Im using woocommerce sample xml and my own product setting.

Can you view and fix the problem in your theme?

Thank you.

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03:37 on 28/12/2021

Hello arynet,
We hope that you are doing well.
Since we have not heard from you for more than a week, we assume that you have found suitable solutions to the issues.
Therefore, we would like to close this support ticket.
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07:25 on 02/12/2021


Could you share WPAdmin login for better understanding?

It seem that you have not select Type for Product Attributes

For example, color is color picker https://prnt.sc/21d02xu

and each term have each color hex code: https://prnt.sc/21d0b6p

Even when you use Select https://prnt.sc/21d2mfz

Hope this help

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Thank You and Best Regards!