Icon Changing Font Sizes
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06:37 on 30/01/2022


  1. I can’t find where to change font sizes. In your Docs, you write: Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Design System. This does not exist.
  2. When i use the Demo functions, there is only 3 examples to install. How can i do this for the rest of your demos?
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15:03 on 31/01/2022

Hello friend,

Thanks for your feedback.

That is our shortcoming. We are considering to change the font size of the system in the coming updates.
For now, you can send me your site information, I will help you change the font-size.
2, In the 3 demos, we created the demos in Pages. You can choose from those pages.
For example, Fashion will save Fashion’s pages (Collection, Balance, …)