Icon Demo Air Mark Landing not available!
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15:36 on 09/01/2022


I need to install this demo, can you help please?
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Air Mark Landing

Healthy & Beauty

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<div class=”thumbnail”>Women life shop</div>

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08:51 on 10/01/2022


When you install Fashion Demo, you can get all fashion homepage

Landing Mask is already on your page. You can get it as a Homepage



Besides, following the image author’s copyright, we do not have permission to give the image to other websites or data. We can use it only on the theme demo site.

Besides, web owners always use photos of their services to create a fantastic website. Therefore, we use the default placeholder photos so users can notice where to upload them on their websites.

Please check the settings and upload your image to use and let us know if any results later.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Thank You and Best Regards


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15:41 on 09/01/2022

I would like to install the same demo exactly as it is with images and videos please.

Lite Air Mask