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17:12 on 25/12/2021

I cannot change the footer. I cannot reach the footer lib.

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09:37 on 25/01/2022

Hello kadoraw,
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08:30 on 27/12/2021


Just navigate to Elementor > Settings > General to enable for all post types


Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

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07:16 on 27/12/2021

Nope, there is no way to in Elementor …

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11:59 on 26/12/2021


  1. To use Wooler Library, you need to install this plugin
  2. To create your own Footer, kindly navigate to Wooler > Footer then create a new one. After that, you edit with Elementor to build your own https://prnt.sc/24mwq3r
  3. To set it as your footer page, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Theme Style – Footer > then choose your Footer in Heading – Template https://prnt.sc/24mwy0x

May I know, which step do you stuck in? You cannot create it or cannot set it into your Footer?