Icon Homepage Title Visible & Cart Button Not Working
Ticket ID: 1311
17:15 on 11/03/2022

i have update my slider and website images and update content im facing two issues

  1. Fashion bag classic title showing on main homepage and i dont know why its appearing on top of my page above slider kindly remove it.
  2. second cart button is not click able whenever im clicking cart button after adding products its not showing anything please resolve this as well.

Further i also screenshot of my homepage please check


This ticket is resolved.
Administrator Total: 212 ID: 761
07:26 on 14/03/2022


Firstly, your login credentials are wrong. Kindly help to recheck again
1. Kindly set page template = Blank Page to remove page title
2. At this moment, we can click the Cart icon normally. The cart sidebar will be open when clicking

Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/hzwuXTZYOANS
Besides, have you deleted your cart page https://lotluxury.com/?page_id=12218 ?

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Thank You and Best Regards!