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09:32 on 10/12/2021


I have added the Wooler Kit Library extension. How do you use it? Your documentation does not explain. I have dug around my wordpress admin dashboard but there is no sign of hero sliders etc. Or page layouts.


Your documentation really needs extensive work but I am very impressed with the theme overall.

My admin details attached below. One more thing to note is my admin and frontend are very slow at responding. Any ideas on how to improve this?

Thanks in advance,


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09:45 on 13/12/2021


You are always welcome

I hope you are satisfied with this. Please give us an item rating to support our team and product here:


We will close this ticket from now on. Feel free to contact us if you need any further information

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07:35 on 13/12/2021

Please ignore the last question regarding variation swatches. I have figured it out. Thanks again.

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07:28 on 13/12/2021

Thank you for the reply. I don’t know how I missed the ‘W’ icon within elementor. It was right there all along so thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Regarding the variation swatches.. I had a variation plugin installed. I have now deactivated this to prevent heavy load on the site as you have suggested. But now the variable options on the product page are displaying as dropdowns. I know that the feature is built in but how do I utilise it so that I can display colours and sizes?



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01:38 on 11/12/2021


Glad to hear that you are very impressed with the theme overall.

Regarding Wooler Library, just create a new page with Elementor then use our Wooler Library



Besides, Wooler already has variation swatches built-in feature. We have a color picker – label – image.

You don’t need other related plugin which makes heavy load on your website

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Thank You and Best Regards