Icon Problem adding product categories to menu
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12:48 on 10/01/2022
Hello, I'm Eren.
I want to add the product categories to the menu but I am failing. I need your support.
Best regards.

Eren Çoban

This ticket is resolved.
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13:24 on 10/01/2022


Well noted with many thanks

We will close this ticket from now on.

Please create a new ticket for any further questions or requests.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Thank You and Best Regards

Customer ID: 410
12:54 on 10/01/2022

<div id=”tw-container” class=”” data-cp=”1″ data-is-ver=”false” data-nnttsvi=”1″ data-sm=”1″ data-sugg-time=”500″ data-sugg-url=”https://clients1.google.com/complete/search” data-uilc=”tr”>
<div id=”tw-ob” class=”tw-src-ltr”>
<div class=”oSioSc”>
<div id=”tw-target”>
<div id=”kAz1tf” class=”g9WsWb”>
<div id=”tw-target-text-container” class=”tw-ta-container F0azHf tw-nfl” tabindex=”0″>

I fixed the problem. Thank you for your interest