Icon Product variations not showing
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13:52 on 07/01/2022

Variations not showing after installing theme.

Also on checkout there are now multiple parcel machine fields for some reason.


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02:35 on 12/01/2022



Thank you for your detailed information. 


We have fixed it for you already; it’s working as well now. 


Please double-check again and let us know if there are any results later.


I hope you are satisfied with our support here. Please give us an item rating to support our team and product here:




Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.


Thank You and Best Regards

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15:52 on 11/01/2022

Hello friend,

Thanks for waiting.

I found the problem. My theme is not compatible with some templates from the ‘makecommerce’ plugin.
I customized it a bit with wooler-childtheme (Customization is not lost when updating the theme).
I will make a note for the development team to review the update in the next version.


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03:27 on 11/01/2022


I got information about that error. I’m trying to fix it. It might take 8 to 10 hours for me to figure out the best way.

Thanks for your companionship.

I will bring good news soon!


Customer ID: 407
09:24 on 10/01/2022

Thank you. Updated the FTP info.

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09:03 on 10/01/2022


Could you give FTP access. We need to check the code of MakeCommerce plugin

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Thank You and Best Regards!

Customer ID: 395
14:09 on 08/01/2022


Managet to get the variations but still huge problems with the checkout. I have tried to deactivate all the plugins and reinstalled some of them but only wooler theme does it. Please help. Have to reopen my shop asap!

Administrator Total: 212 ID: 392
09:21 on 08/01/2022


Firstly, kindly update your theme to the latest version Wooler 1.0.7 and Wooler System to 1.0.6

Secondly, your attribute Size is label type. Each term inside need a value Label – which be shown to front-end


Kindly update each term in your attribute

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Thank You and Best Regards