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14:25 on 28/01/2022

Hi guys,

Hope you’re good !

First, I want to tell you that I think you made a great job with Wooler ! I’ve purchased different templates and in this one I see new features. Also I work on Shopify sites, and I see the job that you made on the Customisation dashboard. So for this, congrats !

I’m on the latest version, and I have many bugs..

  • First, when we install we can only chose between 3 demo to import, what about the others 17 ? we have to add the sections blocks on one of those 3 ?
  • The scroll on mobile (on Safari) due to the sticky header.
  • I have a black section on the bottom of the page who appear. It’s suppose to be the Cookies banner ? (see attached)
  • I’ve install Dokan, and I can’t choose the product category. As you can see the options appears behind the window, CSS issue. I’ve try with the basic WordPress templates and this section work perfectly. I think its just an issue on that dropdown.


For know those are the issues that I have to solve. I think I will probably discover more as far as I discover the template, but its a new template so I can understand.


Also, I see that is very slow on my host. Do you know can I make the charging time faster ?

I’m using Ionos. I will probably switch to Hostinger. Do you recommand a host provider to run the template very fast ?


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16:57 on 28/01/2022


1. You can install Fashion to get all Fashion homepage (16) or Tech to get all Tech(2) or Furniture to get all Furniture(2). If you need more from another homepage, we can give you json file to import the Elementor template

2. Bug confirm. We are working hard on it and will fix it in the next theme version which will be released next week

3. Just input your GDPR text to show this content or de-activate the Wooler GDPR Bar plugin to hide this


4. Could you give a specific URL for better understanding. We have not used Dokan yet so hard to find where your screenshot taken

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Thank You and Best Regards