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16:38 on 27/01/2022

Hi again, i have a new question)

I’m using YITH WOOCOMMERCE CUSTOMIZE MY ACCOUNT PAGE plugin to customize the account page, but there are no changes because your theme has own My account file, so i just edit it to myaccount-old and it’s worked, but i lost the login pop page and the account icon, i wrote to the plugin developer and they told me to ask you to create a custom code to avoid loading this template when YITH plugin is activated for example or any another solution. Thank you!

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02:57 on 28/01/2022


Could you give more detailed formation for better understanding

In this case, have you rename \wp-content\themes\wooler\woocommerce\myaccount\my-account.php

into my-account-old.php

Therefore, our theme will not load our my-account template anymore

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Thank You and Best Regards!